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The Sidney Museum Education Program aims to introduce students to local history to foster curiosity about the past, and an understanding of the present.  The program has a strong local focus, relating to the culture and industry found on the Saanich Peninsula in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Sessions are customized according to the grade level and the needs of each group.  Specialized activities that support the learning objectives of your group can also be discussed at the time of booking.

K to Grade 3

Duration – 1 hour (flexible)


  • The purpose of museums
  • The history of settlement of the Saanich Peninsula
  • Pioneer life on the Saanich Peninsula, covering topics such as:
    • Farming
    • Transportation
    • Family Life

Grade 4 and higher

Duration – 1 hour (flexible)


  • Development of the Saanich Peninsula as a transportation hub
  • Highlights and history of local landmarks
  • Pioneers of the Saanich Peninsula
  • Early commerce and industry on the Saanich Peninsula

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