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Snapshots of the Saanich Peninsula

Since time immemorial, the Saanich Peninsula has provided countless communities with shelter, resources, recreation, and work. The Peninsula is 34 kilometres long, 4 kilometres wide, and today is home to over 800,000 people. It is a place steeped in beauty and history and is worth celebrating, and that is exactly what our upcoming photography exhibition intends to do!

Snapshots of the Saanich Peninsula aims to bring together the many perspectives and stories of the region, and showcase them in a community-collaborated photo gallery hosted by the Sidney Museum. From now until March 13th, the Sidney Museum invites all photographers interested in having their work be a part of this exhibit to submit photos that highlight the diversity and beauty of the region. This will be the first in what he hope to be many similar photography exhibits, and the intent is to provide a venue for local Sidney and Saanich Peninsula photographers to showcase their work, to celebrate the beauty and diversity of life, people, and work on the Peninsula.

The overall theme of this exhibit is “New Beginnings”. All submitted photos must fit in some way under this theme – whether showcasing the area’s vibrant ecology, Peninsula residents at work or at play, as long as the photos can be made to fit under this theme, then they will be considered. 


Exhibit Sub-Themes

The gallery space will be broken down into three distinct sub-themes. Photographers may submit photos under as many or as few of these sub-themes as they wish! The categories are:

  • The Peninsula Wild

    This theme celebrates the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Saanich Peninsula. Entries in this sub-theme may feature plant and animal life or natural vistas of the surrounding landscape.

  • The Peninsula’s People

    This theme celebrates the diverse communities that have called and continue to call the Saanich Peninsula home. Today over 800,000 people on the Peninsula, and entries in this sub-theme may feature recreational activities along the coastline from fishing to kayaking, and daily life in Sidney, North and Central Saanich

  • The Peninsula at Work

    This theme celebrates the ongoing story of the Peninsula’s businesses, industries, and economic activities. Entries in this sub-theme may feature snapshots of the myriad of work that takes place in the Peninsula, from farming to fishing and everything in-between!

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