Edible Artefacts

Edible Artefacts – The Sidney Museum’s digital exhibit on food history.

Ginger Beef

Sydney Fuhrman You’d be hard pressed to find a Chinese restaurant in Western Canada that did not feature ginger beef on its menu. This sticky, sweet and spicy dish is a favourite of many (myself included). However, you would have a very hard time finding it on a menu in China. That’s because the story […]

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Deep fried ginger beef on a white plate

Canada War Cake

Sydney Fuhrman Watch our Education Coordinator attempt to make this rationing recipe from World War II: It’s fun to look at Canadian cuisine through the lens of the dishes we all know and love, but sometimes it’s important to see the food that got the country through hardships too. If you’re like me, you’ve probably

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A brown loaf with raisins sliced on a light wooden cutting board.

Moose Milk

Sydney Fuhrman Watch our Education Coordinator attempt to make this Canadian Cocktail: If you were to ask me a few weeks ago if I’d ever had moose milk, I would have rolled my eyes and assumed you were trying to crack a joke about Canadian stereotypes. Of course, we don’t milk moose. We don’t ride

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Maple Syrup

Emma Minato What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Canada? Some may think about our wildlife like beavers and moose. Hockey and snowy winters may have popped into your head. Or perhaps your brain went straight to saying “eh” or “sorry”. The classic answer that comes to my mind

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Sydney Fuhrman Watch our Education Coordinator try to make this dish for the first time: As far as classic “Canadian” dishes go, this one is fairly modern. It was likely invented in the 1950s in Quebec and gained popularity across the province, and its neighbour Ontario in the 1980s, but this dish wasn’t consumed Canada-wide

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Sidney Slice

Sydney Fuhrman Watch our Education Coordinator attempt to make this local dessert: I love it when communities have some kind of food – be it baked good or otherwise – that they claim as their own. Often several towns or villages will claim the same dish, that’s fine. What I enjoy is the story. The

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Three dessert bars with white frosting and a chocolate drizzle.


Food and stories go together perfectly. From sitting and eating with your family as you answer that standard parent question: “so how was your day?”, to eating a big plate of snacks with friends during a movie marathon, or sharing s’mores around a campfire while you swap ghost stories. The food we eat does so

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